SR high tech

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  • company introduction

  • SR HighTech has developed and researched Adhesive Tapes about 30 years.
    Now we have succeeded in double splice tape with Patented High Technology “Accumulated & Pull Out” method.

    We have raised our competitiveness in price, quality and delivery by mass production method
    with best specialized machine in splicing tape.

    We will do our best to meet the Customer Requirement & Satisfaction from now on.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    All the member of SR HIGHTECH

  • company history

  • 1985.01   TaiYang Company Establishment
    Start as 3M TAPE Distributor
    Converting Tape as Manufacturer
    1997.05   Developed Factory Line Tape
    2000.03   Developed Blood Sugar Check Tape
    2009.01   Start to develop BS TAPE(BBOKKI TAPE)
    2009.03   Developed Beauty BS Tape(BK180)
    2009.09   Developed Transparent BS TAPE(BK160)
    2009.12   Developed Red Color/Transparent BS TAPE(BK185)
    2010.03   Developed Double Side Tape(BK270)
    2010.05   Developed Disposable Transparent Tape(BK185)
    2010.07   SR HIGHTECH Company Establishment
    2011.04   Developed PLE Tape(BK170)
    2011.07   Developed Bbokki Clean Tape(BK178)
    2012.04   Developed Special Tape for Quality Test(Painting, Plating, Coating)
    2012.09   Developed New Advanced Concept Double Side Tape Bbokki Tape(BK275)
    2013.05   Developed Handle for removal Bbokki Tape(BK176)
    2013.11   Developed Strong Adhesive Single Bbokki Tape(BK175)
    2013.12   Got patent for Document Storage Adhesive Tape(Patent No. 10-1340146)
    2014.02   Got patent for Pile Up Adhesive Tape with Dispenser(Patent No. 10-1363123)
    2014.07   Got patent for Double Side Adhesive Tape(Patent No. 10-1417876)
    2014.09   Developed New BS Tape(Double Splice Tape/Sensing Silver) DTF- Series
    2015.01   Developed New BS Tape(Double Splice Tape/Sensing Silver/Black) DTPF Series
    2015.03   Developed New BS Tape(Single Splice Tape/Sensing Silver) STS Series
    2015.04   Developed Conventional BS Tape(Double Splice Tape) DTB Series
    2015.05   Developed BSE Tape(Double Splice Tape) BSE Series
  • company introduction

  • Go Lead Grow
    We go for customer’s request in one step ahead through differentiated product.
    We lead the market in one step ahead through New technology.
    We grow with Partners and Customers through Maximize Benefits.